Conference & function facilities

Each venue offers these audio visual facilities:

  • Four data/video projectors and screens
  • Advanced audio system
  • Forty theatrical lights
  • Internal and external networking ability
  • Lecterns
  • Microphones
  • Dimmable house lights
  • Permanent rigging structure and scissor lifts
  • Multiple three phase power outlets

Our on-site production department, Myles Productions Great Ocean Road can also assist with event planning providing both audiovisual equipment and theming for your event. Below is a list of their services.

Audiovisual Theming
Data/video projectors Australian bush barbecue
Vision control Science fiction
Screens (fastfold and tripod) Beach parties
Velvet draping Seventies disco
PA systems Atlantis
Radio microphones Jailhouse rock
Theatrical lighting Wine nights
Standard conference equipment including whiteboards, flipcharts and overhead projectors Casino Royale
Fulltime technicians Oktoberfest
Theming and entertainment booking  


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